The Creator’s Code

By sharing to the public stream, I agree to uphold the following pillars of conduct.

  • I will create.Sharing rough ideas is the backbone of creative thinking. We participate and create fearlessly.
  • I will be open.All ideas shared to the public stream are committed to the Creative Commons Universal Public Domain, where they are free to evolve without constraint.
  • I will show care.In the end, connections with people here matter more than the ideas. This is a safe place to express risky ideas.

Community Guidelines

We want Paper to be a place you go to share ideas and learn. Great creative environments don’t happen by accident. They’re a mix of the people that inhabit them, and the structure of the place where those people gather. They’re the open mic night where newbies take the stage right after practiced masters. We want to make a place where you feel safe standing where you are, but are also inspired and encouraged to go somewhere you’ve never been.

Communities need boundaries, and these are the rules that shape our community. If these sound like sensible guidelines, we’d love to have you join us.


  • Be respectful. Respect is like a boomerang, it always comes back to you. Every other rule on here stems from this one. Respect is treating other people like you want to be treated, maybe even a little better. Trust us, this one will pay off.

  • Have humility. Paper is a place where someone who joined yesterday can remix the works of masters. The best artists understand that they always have something to learn.

  • Be supportive. Even the best had to start somewhere. Criticism plays an essential role in creative growth, but there’s an art to both giving and receiving it. Start by helping people focus on what you think they could improve, rather than what’s wrong with what they did.

  • Start conversations. We don’t want Paper just to be a gallery where you can’t touch anything. Paper is a place for conversation. Instead of thinking “What can I make to blow everyone away?” try “What would make a bunch of people inspired to remix me?”


  • Don’t take it personally. It can be scary to put your work out there when others interpret it in ways you didn’t expect or maybe don’t even like. If you go to an art or design school, one of the first things you learn is not to take it personally. Focus on the work. Additionally, the internet can make communication more difficult; give people the benefit of the doubt if they phrase something in a way that seems a little rough.

  • Don’t be a jerk. The jerk comes in many forms. But whether it’s threats, mockery, trollery, insults, degradation, or intimidation, it’s just being lame, and it’s absolutely not appropriate here. Before engaging someone, ask yourself if you’d feel comfortable doing the same thing if they were standing right in front of you. Think twice, be nice.

  • Don’t post offensive creations. We readily admit this is a gray area. However, before posting something a little edgy, consider that our youngest users are 13. Life drawings of nudes are unlikely to be a problem. Degrading or threatening drawings or language will not be tolerated. Use your best judgement, and consider that this is a family-friendly environment with young users. We’re not here to pass judgement on what art is, however we will remove anything that doesn’t contribute to a safe, creative environment.

  • Don’t spam. Linking out to your website is fine, but this is not a place to advertise your business or services. The internet is full of ads. Isn’t it nice to have one place that’s free of all that?